1 pkt sponge finger biscuits

1 box Simply Delish Vanilla Pudding

125 ml milk
250ml cream

250 ml vanilla flavoured drinking yoghurt

100 g slab milk chocolate, grated


Break each biscuit into 4-5 pieces directly into a dessert serving bowl.

In a medium mixing bowl, beat the instant pudding powder, milk, cream and yoghurt together on low speed for 3 minutes until thickened and creamy.

Pour this over the biscuit layer.

Thickly sprinkle all the grated chocolate over to completely cover the top. Cover and refrigerate until required.

Hints & Tips

For different and original variations:

  • Replace regular biscuits with ginger biscuits.

  • Add coconut essence to the filling.

  • Add chopped preserved ginger in syrup to the filling.

  • Introduce a chocolate layer using Simply Delish Chocolate Pudding mix.